Constructed from C1008-1010 Steel and Galvanized Steel, these hangers are used to support aesthetically pleasing buss lines in major retail facilities. The brackets are made from .075” thick steel, and have several secondary operations prior to completion. The demand from the customer may call for an assembly produced from G90 galvanized steel, or hanger that are subsequentially powder coated to a white or black finish. One bracket goes to a secondary operation to have a threaded PEM stud assembled to it, while the other bracket goes to a secondary operation using a double headed tapping unit to tap 2 10-32 holes. If the requirement calls for powder coating, these parts are sent to our powder coat processor. If not, the parts go to our assembly department, as will the parts that get powder coated.

Once in assembly the two stampings are assembled together using 2 carriage bolts and acorn nuts, and the one stamping also has 2 10-32 set screws inserted. Upon final assembly, the parts are bagged, labeled, and packed in special egg-crate type packaging for shipment to our customer.

For this project Herd maintains tolerances of +/-.004” and meet the JIT requirements of our customer to ship approximately 25-40,00- units annually.

Stamping and Assembly of an Architectural Hanger Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Stamping of 2 different parts


  • Insertion of PEM stud, secondary tapping, and insertion of set screws


  • E-coat


  • Special egg-crate packaging to protect parts during shipment
Overall Part Dimensions

Material thickness of .075”

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

C1008-1010 and G90 Galvanized

Industry for Use



25 – 40,000 EAU

Delivery Time

JIT per customer demand, 100% On-time

Standards Met

ISO9001:2015, and specifications to customer designed drawings

Product Name

Architectural Hanger


Progressive dies and assembly fixtures were designed and built by Herd Manufacturing