Constructed from Grade 80 high strength low alloy steel (HSLA), this metal Saw Shoe Assembly is used
on a cordless reciprocating saw. The shoe is .085” thick material and the bracket is .135’ thick material. Using our metal stamping capabilities, we produce both stampings, and after in-house deburring, they
are transported to our assembly department.

Once in assembly the two stampings are riveted together in two locations using a 1/4” diameter rivet. After assembly, the parts are sent out to our E-coat processor.

Upon return, parts are packed in specially designed egg-crate type packaging to assure defect free
shipment to our customer.

For this project Herd maintains tolerances of +/-.004” and meet the JIT requirements of our customer to
ship approximately 250,000 units annually.

Stamping and Assembly of a Reciprocating Saw Shoe Base Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Stamping of 2 different parts

Riveting together of 2 stampings

Deburr and E-coat

Special egg-crate packaging to protect parts
during shipment

Overall Part Dimensions

Material thickness of .085” and .135”

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

Grade 80 HSLA – High Strength Low Alloy Steel

Industry for Use

Power Tool



Delivery Time

JIT per customer demand, 100% On-time

Standards Met

ISO9001:2015, and specifications to customer designed


Product Name

Metal Shoe Assembly for Reciprocating Saw


The progressive dies and assembly fixtures were designed and built by Herd Manufacturing