Herd Manufacturing Inc., as experts in metal stamping and assembly services, was approached by an OEM in the auto industry to fabricate an intake manifold and roll restrictor bracket for use in an automotive engine. Following customer supplied drawings, we created the tooling and fixtures needed to meet the requirements of this order. This bracket assembly was stamped from C1008-1010 steel and we used a 250 kVA projection welder to put the assembly together. The initial production of this assembly, consisting of the two metal stampings welded together along with the addition of two welded on .500 thick round spacers, required a machining operation to bring the required datum surfaces to within .020″ of each other. However, by tight control of our process, utilizing SPC measuring techniques, Herd Manufacturing was able to eliminate this costly machining operation, resulting in significant savings to our customer. Once the bracket was assembled, we applied an E-coating, and the 30,000 intake manifold and role restrictor brackets were delivered to the customer.

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Stamping and Assembly of a Steel Intake Manifold and Roll Restrictor Bracket Project Highlights

Product Description

This intake manifold and roll restrictor bracket is used within an automotive engine application.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Assembly/Projection Welding

  • Utilizing 250 KVA Projection Welder

Tool Building

  • Design & Build Tooling and Fixtures to Meet Customer Requirements


  • Layer Packed
Overall Part Dimensions

Material Thickness:
.125″ Intake Manifold Bracket
.200″ Roll Restrictor Bracket
.500″ thick steel spacer

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

C1008-1010 Steel

Material Finish


Industry for Use



30,000 EAU

Delivery Time

Just In Time (JIT)

Delivery Location


Standards Met

Customer Supplied Drawings

Product Name

Intake Manifold & Roll Restrictor Bracket Assembly