Herd Manufacturing Inc. produced this brush holder that was a component of an electric motor. Stamped from CDA 260 ¼ Hard brass, this brush holder contains a dove tail interlock and the material had a thickness of .024″. We produce 50,000 units per order and meet the JIT delivery to the customer in Mexico.

In the manufacture of this brush holder, we maintained stamping tolerances to ±.002″. Close tolerance in the manufacture of this part was important as the brush mechanism is the key to conducting electrical current to the shaft. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and can handle both progressive and compound stamping. To learn more about the services Herd has to offer, please contact us or see the table below.

Stamping of a Brass Brush Holder Project Highlights

Product Description

This brush holder is used within an electric motor application.

Capabilities Applied/Processes



  • Bulk Packed
Overall Part Dimensions

Material Thickness: .024″

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

CDA 260 Brass

Special Feature

Dove Tail Interlock

Industry for Use

Electric Motor


150,000 EAU

Delivery Time

Just In Time (JIT) 100% On Time Delivery

Delivery Location


Standards Met

Customer Supplied Drawings

Product Name

Brush Holder